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Barbara and Heinz

Whitewater Expeditions is owned and operated by Heinz and Barbara. We feel fortunate to reside on the bank of the Salmon River in the heart of Idaho’s Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness. Sylvan Hart, alias Buckskin Bill, “last of the mountain men” lived his life here. We founded and operate the Buckskin Bill Museum and look forward to your visit and to sharing the beauty of the Salmon River Canyon with you.

Directions to the Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp

The turn-off to the Salmon River Road is located in the southern part of Riggins. There is a sign, SALMON RIVER ROAD, directing you eastward and across the Little Salmon River (Mill Creek Bridge) toward the Riggins Rodeo Grounds. Continue along that road, the Main Salmon River will be to the left of you.

Enjoy the pavement for approximately 12 miles, crossing the Lake Creek Bridge, passing by the Spring Bar Boat Ramp and right after that the Spring Bar Campground. Shortly passed that, the road will turn into a maintained dirt/gravel road and take you to the Manning Bridge, then French Creek (there is a turn-off to Burgdorf but you stay left continuing along the river), Carey Creek Boat Ramp, and then the Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp. A sign will mark your arrival. This is where the road ends.

The entire mileage from Riggins to Vinegar Creek is 27 miles. The road is narrow and meeting another vehicle often means one has to pull to the side to let the other pass. Please be aware of wildlife and rocks in the road and please allow at least one-hour travel time for this scenic byway.

Travel safely and we are looking forward to your visit!

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