Autumn Has Arrived

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Autumn arrived with blustery rain and marked the end of Idaho’s 2017 fire season. And with the arrival of this colorful time, Steelhead Season is here!

Fish counts are low this fall and this will add an extra test to all the seasoned or novice fishermen and women.

Catching might be slow but fishing will be fun as ever!

The Salmon River Canyon is still outstanding, the challenge of catching one of those beautiful anadromous fish is still a quest to be conquered, and sharing the splendor and excitement is still an experience that is hard to duplicate or pass up.

We are excited to spend time on the river with all our “regulars” as well as new faces to share this special time.

We have a few open days available if you are interested to search for one of those tail dancing beauties and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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