The Salmon River Canyon has weathered another winter season

We’re still feeding the wood stove its breakfast and dinner, but spring is definitely springing forward!

With emerald waters flowing in the foreground, a renewed layer of white creating a shimmering mountain backdrop and cumulus cotton floating lazily through the “Idaho Blue” overhead, March has a way of waking you up to the wonders of our natural world.

Lower elevations boast the emergence of tender green shoots thanks to a partnership of welcomed sunshine and nourishing rain. Deer, elk, and bighorn sheep bask in the gift of warmth and celebrate each new morsel Earth pushes forth.

Spring is always a magical time in the canyon as the seasons shift from sepia to spectacular. The vibrant hues of wildflowers will soon add their own brush strokes to the ever-changing palette.

Whereas our surroundings begin to awaken, we prepare to bring life to our 22nd season of Taking Trips on The Wild Side while sharing this special canyon with you.

As you look at your calendar this year, keep us posted on any open dates you have in mind for Sightseeing trips, Fishing Excursions, or Jet Boat Shuttles to begin or end your rafting adventure.

And don’t forget that the Salmon River Canyon is the perfect destination if you simply want to create your own “Be! Relax! Unplug!” getaway.

We look forward to this renewed season with you, and sharing the countless opportunities for the FUN to be had throughout 2018!

Enjoy the second Blue Moon of 2018 while March gives way to April!


FYI:  For those of you venturing up and down river in your private jet boat, there are some changes introduced by the Forest Service:

The Forest Service is currently transitioning to an all On-Line Powerboat Permit System.  In 2019 Powerboat Permits will no longer be available at launch Sites on the Salmon River and will need to be self-issued via in advance of your arrival.

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