Nature rolled out the gold-red carpet yet again to guide us through autumn!

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As we all seem to experience, time flies… Where did 2018 go, so fast?

Our spring was nourishing wet as well as cool and gave way to a sweltering hot summer. The river was busy with all ages that enjoy this extraordinary canyon. Now, fall made a great colorful entrance that eases us into the shorter days of the year.

And while we have to bundle up in the morning hours and a crackling fire comforts perfectly in the evenings, the days feel flawless to be outside. And we are catching fish! The numbers are not too exciting but the temporarily resident tail dancing beauties are!

So let’s enjoy this relatively short interlude before winter envelopes the canyon, let’s be out there appreciating the splendor with all the excitement it has in store for us.

Check out the photo gallery showing steelhead caught this fall.

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